Dorchester Heights Monument Reconstruction

Boston, MA

The Dorchester Heights Monument in South Boston is a National Historic Park commemorating the location from which American Revolutionaries drove the British from Boston. Dorchester Heights is one of the 9 sites which make up the Boston National Historical Park and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The National Park Service chose McCourt Construction to rebuild this park and restore its iconic marble tower. McCourt refurbished the entire monument from interior and exterior and installed a new mechanical system. In addition, the cast-in-place retaining walls supporting the entire park were reconstructed. There was also extensive landscape and hardscape improvements throughout the park. Perhaps most importantly, McCourt was tasked with excavating a Revolutionary War fort under the direction of archaeologists.

The steep topography, urban location, and the park’s status as a National Register of Historic Places posed unique challenges to this project. McCourt’s attention to detail and hard work paid off as the project earned the 1999 Architectural Accessibility Achievement Award from the National Park Service

Project Overview
Owner: National Park Service
Final Value: $3,200,000
Completion Date: Nov, 1997

Unique Project Features
• Renovate a colonial-era historic monument
• Working directly next to one of Boston’s largest public high schools
• Park construction in an urban environment
• Working on a challenging topography
• Assisting archaeologist uncoving a 17th century Revolutionary Fort

Project Awards and Accolades
• 1999 Architectural Accessibility Acheivement Award – National Park Service
• Monument is located on the National Register of Historic Places