The Boston Society of Landscape Architects joins the Boston Preservation Alliance in honoring the historic park.

Boston, Mass., June 1, 1998 – The Boston Society of Landscape Architects presented City Square Park with a Merit Award at its annual celebration gala last month. The McCourt Construction-built park received the award from a jury composed of engineers, architects and academics. This marks the park’s second award since it was rededicated – last summer the Boston Preservation Alliance presented the park with its Preservation Achievement Award.

City Square Park was designed by the Halvorson Company and completed by McCourt Construction in 1997. The project’s scope included detailed stone work, extensive landscaping, fountain installation, as well as road and utility reconfiguration. In addition, McCourt was responsible for installing several pieces of David Philips award-winning artwork and conducting archaeological excavation on the historically significant site.

About City Square Park
City Square has been a focal point of Charlestown since it was first designed in 1626. It was from this plaza (then called “Market Square”) that Paul Revere set off on his famous ride in 1775. Later that same year, the square was razed to the ground by British cannon fire. Unfortunately, the park fell into disrepair in the second half of the twentieth century as it was surrounded by elevated transit lines, highway viaducts, parking lots, and a traffic rotary. In 1997 the park was rededicated and today it stands as a mini-oasis of green lawns decoratively landscaped with more than 70 varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers, and gracefully designed with gas lamps, artwork and a central fountain.

About McCourt
McCourt Construction is a comprehensive general contractor that was founded in 1893. The company has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors, developing an expertise in infrastructure projects, real estate development, site work, landscaping, utilities, and finish work. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, McCourt has taken on projects from California to London, from Canada to the Caribbean.