MBTA Contract R19CN03: Everett Maintenance Facility Fire Alarm & Roof Replacement

Everett, MA

The work in this project consisted of replacing the roofs of three buildings at the MBTA bus maintenance facility in Everett, MA. Also included in this project was the installation of a new addressable fire alarm system in the three building as well as graphic annunciator & master box at the guard booth. This project also included new electrical and communication duct banks.

Once the new fire alarm system was installed and running the existing fire alarm system was removed. Additional work associated with this project involved minor modifications to the building structure.

Project Overview
Owner: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
Final Value: $6,000,000
Completion Date: Nov, 2007

Unique Project Features
• Install new fire alarm system across three buildings
• New roof and structural improvements on three buildings
• Work in an active MBTA yard