Dudley Station Phase II

Boston, MA

This project replaced the bus ways, walk ways, passenger shelters, and wind screens within the busiest bus terminal in New England. McCourt also made electrical and communication upgrades and signage improvements to this historic station. All the work was done at nights and weekends so that MBTA bus activities were unaffected.

This ARRA-funded project included:
• 32,000 SF of new brick and concrete pavers,
• 3,500 SY of concrete sidewalk,
• The MBTA’s first real-time countdown clocks,
• 3 new heated passenger shelters,
• 1 new heated starter booth.

Project Overview
Owner: Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority
Final Value: $3,900,000
Completion Date: Sept, 2014

Unique Project Features
• Work occurred entirely within the busiest bus terminal in New England
• Restricted schedule to maintain bus service
• Installed MBTA’s first real-time countdown clock
• Maintain sidewalks & roadways for the publc during construction