Congrats to the Callahan Tunnel Team on opening the tunnel four days early to traffic. The project called for 72 days of 24/7 work. We did it in 68. No sweat (except for the 40,000 laborer man-hours we racked up). Thanks to all involved.

McCourt recently unearth an unknown portal to the Green Line on our Mass Ave project. This subway egress came complete with granite steps and mosaic tile.

McCourt is low bidder on the Silver Line Extension contract. This project will extend the MBTA Silver Line into Chelsea and includes four new stations.

Congrats to the guys in Canton for their latest traffic shift. We are now in the final traffic configuration for the 5-year, multi-stage I-95 highway widening project.

This winter we utilized drones on a design-build highway project. We were the first contractor to use drones in lieu of bucket trucks on a MassDOT project, but we’re sure we won’t be the last!