In advance of the construction of the Green Line Extension, McCourt Construction crews are removing track, installing sub drains, grading for new track bed and installing new tracks in Somerville, MA.


McCourt Construction is responsible for grading the project area and installing ballast mats next to the existing track for the new MBTA track.  McCourt Construction is also installing a 4” x 14-way electrical duct bank, drainage pipe, as well as drain manholes next to the track.


McCourt Construction has been awarded the job of constructing the new Blue Hill Avenue Commuter Rail Station, on the existing Fairmount Commuter Rail line. This new station will be located in the heart of Mattapan, between Blue Hill Avenue and Cummins Highway. The station is strictly pedestrian accessible, and is comprised of two elevated walkway ramps descending from either Blue Hill Ave bridge, or Cummins Highway bridge, down onto a new high-level, 768 ft., precast concrete platform.