AvTurf Working On More Artificial Grass Firsts


Wednesay, June 13, 2007
Aviation News
By Staff

AvTurf is installing the first-ever glue-down application of an artificial grass at an airport, company CEO Joe Dobson reports.

Working through prime contractor McCourt Construction, AvTurf is supplying Boston’s Logan International Airport with about 135,000 square feet of artificial turf. The material is covering asphalt “islands” that are currently painted green to set them apart from surrounding taxiway areas.

Besides cutting down on maintenance–the islands must be painted yearly–the turf is expected to enhance safety by providing a more striking contrast for pilots. Part of the installation is over a section of deactivated taxiway area.

Meanwhile, San Francisco International (SFO) is poised to become the first airport to test artificial turf with a logo. AvTurf will create an installation with SFO’s logo on it.

The project is meant to trial the concept of developing a revenue stream by offering revenue-generation opportunities in combination with artificial turf installations, Dobson explained. The color is embedded in the fibers. The Boston and San Francisco projects add to AvTurf’s list of firsts.

The company also has the first artificial turf runway to its credit, at Colorado’s Calhan Airport.

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