Boston College Gasson Quad

Boston College Gasson Quad

Boston, MA

Gasson Quad is the most heavily pedestrian-trafficked area of Boston College’s urban campus. McCourt was tasked with demolishing the existing quad and rebuilding it during a tight schedule dictated by the academic calendar. The work required new drainage and electrical conduit, removal of ledge, and new hard and soft scape elements.

Due to the existence of ledge, most of the underground utilities required in-field redesign in order to maintain the schedule. McCourt installed new granite walls, paving, curb, and site furniture. We also transplanted mature trees, planted 20,000 SF of sod, created dozens of new planting beds, and utilized “Pine & Swallow” reinforced loam methods.

McCourt crews worked 12 hours/day, 6 days/week to complete the project on time and on budget. Upon completion the owner congratulated McCourt with the message that the university’s Board of Director’s never believed the work could be completed on time.

Project Overview
Owner: Boston College
Final Value: $2,400,000
Completion Date: Sept, 2003

Unique Project Features
• Project needed to be completed during 3 months between school sessions.
• Project only allowed for one shift due to residential abutters.
• BC required pedestrian and ADA access through the site during construction.
• Project included transplanting 40-year-old oak trees on site.
• Project called for BC colored temp facilities (e.g., fence screen had to be maroon).

Project Awards and Accolades
• The Boston College Chronicle lauded “A Great New Look for Gasson Quad”

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