CA/T North End Parks – Rose Kennedy Greenway

CA/T North End Parks – Rose Kennedy Greenway

Boston, MA

The Rose Kennedy Greenway is the signature stretch of parks created by the Central Artery Tunnel Project. McCourt Construction was honored to build the northernmost portion of this stretch of public space, called the North End Parks. Site improvements included:

*A 520 LF steel pergola framing a 520 LF canal fountain
*38,000 SF of granite paving and 500 SF of brick paving,
*35,000 SF of stabilized stone dust paving,
*2,300 LF of granite coping or veneer,
*600 LF of granite seatwalls,
*Seven different granite stair cases,
*10 different types of lights fixtures, and
*Extensive site furnishings (e.g., benches, bollards, plaques, tables, etc.)

Plantings and landscaping included:
*3,100 CY of “Pine & Swallow” processed planting material,
*31,000 SF of sodded lawn,
*74 different species of planting/trees/groundcover,
*Mature trees as large as 14” caliper, and
*A $125,000 irrigation system.

The opening of this park in 2006 ushered in a new era in the City of Boston free from the noise and pollution of an elevated highway or Big Dig construction. An editorial in the Boston Globe regarding the North End Parks stated, “In this section of Boston, the depression of the Central Artery was unambiguously worth the expense and difficulties of construction.” And on the day of the opening of this park the Mayor of the City of Boston stated, “”What a glorious day in the city of Boston.”

Project Overview
Owner: MassDOT
Final Value: $12,000,000
Completion Date: Nov. 2006

Unique Project Features
• Construct an underground pump station
• Construct a lighted granite water fountain
• Work on top of the central artery tunnel without damaging the waterproofing
• Work in a very congested section of the city
• Intricate granite work
• Planting large caliber trees

Project Awards and Accolades
• 2005 Merit Award – Boston Society of Landscape Architects
• Boston Globe Editorial (11/7/07): “These wonderful parks are a tribute to … McCourt Construction”

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