Recent Updates

In advance of the construction of the Green Line Extension, McCourt Construction crews are removing track, installing sub drains, grading for new track bed and installing new tracks in Somerville, MA.  

McCourt Construction is responsible for grading the project area and installing ballast mats next to the existing track for the new MBTA track.  McCourt Construction is also installing a 4” x 14-way electrical duct bank, drainage pipe, as well as drain manholes next to the track.  

McCourt Construction has been awarded the job of constructing the new Blue Hill Avenue Commuter Rail Station, on the existing Fairmount Commuter Rail line. This new station will be located in the heart of Mattapan, between Blue Hill Avenue and Cummins Highway. The station is strictly pedestrian accessible, and is comprised of two elevated walkway … Continue reading Blue Hill Avenue Commuter Rail Station

This project consisted of the renovation of the existing sidewalk pavers for Liberty Mutual Insurance along St. James Ave., Berkeley St., and Stuart St. entrances. McCourt Construction began the work with the demolition of the existing pavers and concrete slab underneath the sidewalk. After the demolition, the site was fine graded and compacted, and gravel … Continue reading Liberty Mutual Sidewalk Improvements at Berkley Street

McCourt’s project to rehabilitate runway 4R-22L and reconstruct the light pier at this runway is in its final stages. The runway was reopened on schedule and the light pier construction is proceeding apace – all drilled shafts have been completed and pier cap & deck planks are being installed. The completion of the pier is … Continue reading 4R-22L Runway Rehab. and Light Pier Replacement

McCourt Construction along with our joint venture partner Skanska USA Civil is moving into the final stages of the largest of the toll demolition contracts which facilitates the all new electronic tolling system along I-90. Demolition of the toll booths, tunnels and buildings at Exits 9, 10, 10A, 11, 11A, 12 and 13 have been … Continue reading Demolition of Legacy Toll Plazas Along I-90

The Runway Status Lights Project just broke ground with in the last week. The new shelter foundation location is being excavated and prepped for concrete work. The horizontal directional drilling has started at night with successful, crossings under Taxiway Kilo for the GilaDuct conduit. Once the conduit gets installed, McCourt will then excavate and backfill … Continue reading Runway Status Light Project

The fence at Eversource’s Substation 447 in Walpole is being erected! After several redesigns, the project has gotten some steam. Eighty-five percent of the fence foundations have been finished while the rest are being formed. McCourt has been erecting the fence with a pace that is better than anyone expected. Once the project is complete, … Continue reading Eversource STA 447 Perimeter Fence – Walpole

McCourt completed installation of the Wall C parapet barriers and moment slab off 95 NB.  This precast barrier frames the Share Use Path from the Pine Hill Trial Head to the NB Whittier Bridge SUP.

Central Square in East Boston is starting to take on its final appearance. In June, we saw the granite ellipse wall completed as well as many of the planting installed. Final curb sidewalk and paving will continue into late July.

Construction continues on the extension of the Silverline Busway in Chelsea. Crews are busy placing the 1500 CY of concrete roadway pavement. Bus station work is progressing with glass shelters and light installation. Final curb and paving work will continue into August 2017.

McCourt Construction would like to express its happiness at Ron Amidon’s appointment as the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game.   Ron has been a key member of McCourt’s team over the past four years as a superintendent and mentor. His contributions over the past forty years to construction industry have been … Continue reading Congratulations to Ron Amidon on his appointment as the Commissioner of Fish and Game!

McCourt’s on-going work at the Canal St. project has featured the placement of light weight foam concrete. This material is being used in place of regular soils in areas that could not support the weight of typical gravel, dense grade, and other subsurface materials. This specialized work will allow McCourt to continue full depth roadway … Continue reading “Concrete” Progress Seen at Canal St.

McCourt assisted the MBTA in celebrating the Blue Hill Avenue Station “Ground Breaking” today in Mattapan.  McCourt Construction is the general contractor on this station, the last to be built on the Fairmount Commuter Rail Line.  With extensive community involvement in design and location, this station has been years in the planning stage.  It boasts … Continue reading McCourt breaks ground on Blue Hills Avenue Station

McCourt has played an important part in the construction of a new substation for Eversource as noted in a recent Boston Globe article. The new substation, built on a cast-in-place concrete platform, is fifteen feet above the ground. This raised position places the structure out of harms way from storms and surges. In addition to … Continue reading McCourt an integral part of “a power move” by Eversource in South Boston

McCourt was recently the low bidder for the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Blue Hill commuter rail station to be built on the Fairmount line. Once completed the station is expected to allow riders from Mattapan to reach downtown Boston in twenty (20) minutes.