Central Artery/ Tunnel – C17AA – I-93 Tunnel Finishes

Central Artery/ Tunnel – C17AA – I-93 Tunnel Finishes

Boston, MA

In this one-of-a kind Project for the MassDOT, McCourt/Obayashi (A Joint Venture for which McCourt was the lead partner) was tasked with constructing the interior finises of the I-93 Central Artery Tunnel. The work involved with this project included installing 30,000 lb precast ceiling modules and wall panels (as well as installing the structural steel for these panels); paving the roadway with microsilica concrete and bituminous concrete; installing handrails and other prefabbed steel; fireproofing the entire tunnel; and constructing the electrical infrastructure, dry standpipe fire protection system, pump stations, and ventilation fans. Additional work in this contract included: construction of the I-93 interchange at Massachusetts Avenue and Andrew Square, leak repair, crack repair, bridge joint reconstruction over the Fort Point Channel, and gloryhole maintenance.

MassDOT included in this project an optional scheduling incentive fee program. The incentive fee program created a bonus pool, which was paid out based on a scheduling cooperation rating. McCourt/Obayashi received average “cooperation grades” in excess of 90 percent. McCourt/Obayashi was also charged with assisting the CA/T project with an accelerated tunnel opening for the South Bound Tunnel by three months, which included reconfiguring the opening of specific ramps and working several trades in the same area.

Finally, McCourt/Obayashi was tasked with the politically-sensitive job of securing, repairing, retrofitting and reopening the I-90 tunnel after the ceiling panel collapse closed the entire Ted Williams Tunnel (built by a different contractor). This required increasing the number of tradesmen and supervisory people by over 200 employees in less than a month. McCourt/Obayashi worked hand-in-hand with the designer and owner to engineer a new anchoring system that allowed the ceiling panels to be installed quickly, safely and permanently.

After the project MassDOT was so impressed by McCourt’s custom-built panel installation equipment that the agency purchased it from McCourt.

Project Overview
Owner: Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
Final Value: $280,000,000
Completion Date: May, 2008

Unique Project Features
• Completed tunnel finishes for a new two-mile tunnel through downtown Boston
• Aggressive schedule incentive fee program
• 15 Ton ceiling modules to be assembled and installed in a low head room area
• Emergency design, repair, and retrofit of ceiling modules in an adjoining tunnel
• Lead partner in a joint venture with one of the world’s largest contractors

Project Awards and Accolades
• 2001 Excellence in Building Award – Artery Business Committee
• 2002 Construction Quality Award – Mass Turnpike Authority
• 2003 Construction Quality Award – Mass Turnpike Authority
• 2003 “Top 25 NewsMakers of 2002” – Engineering News Record
• 2005 Construction Quality Award – Mass Turnpike Authority
• 2006 Named “Public Project of the Year” – Construction Management Association of America
• Numerous health and safety awards – Mass Turnpike Authority

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