M.I.T., Vassar Street Reconstruction

M.I.T., Vassar Street Reconstruction

Cambridge, MA

McCourt was hired by MIT as the General Contractor for the reconstruction of a one-mile section of Vassar Street on the MIT campus. The street, which bisects the main campus, was rebuilt as the central spine with greater emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Award-winning landscape architect Carol R. Johnson Associates, designed a signature boulevard featuring widened sidewalks, particularly along the main campus where pedestrian traffic will be highest, and one of the region’s first large cycle tracks.

The streetscape also features 73,200 SF of concrete pavers, 109 new elm trees, 3,800 CY of “Pine & Swallow” structural planting soil, extensive site furniture and a $275,000 irrigation system. Additional scope included new lighting, electrical infrastructure, drainage, and extensive environmental remediation.

Project Overview
Owner: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Final Value: $13,000,000
Completion Date: Sept, 2007

Unique Project Features
• Project occurred along one of the most heavily traffice streets through MIT’s urban campus.
• MIT academic schedule partially dictated schedule.
• Project built one of the first private cycle tracks in the region.
• McCourt needed to coordinate with multiple stakeholders including MIT, Cambridge and multiple new campus building projects.

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