Quarry Hills Development / Granite Links Golf Course, 1997-2006

Quarry Hills Golf Course

Quincy, MA

In this innovative Public/Private venture, McCourt Construction worked as a team with a private developer and design consultant to: design and construct a new exit ramp off of I-93 South (SE Expressway); close and cap three landfills in the Quincy and Milton; fill and cap two deep and dangerous granite quarries; construct a 27-hole golf course and playing fields atop the capped landfills; and protect dozens of indian burial grounds and wetland areas. Because the project was built over existing landfills, McCourt also installed an extensive methane collection and burn-off system spanning hundreds of acres.

This work was undertaken for the Cities of Quincy and Milton, and financed by the Cities through a unique interagency agreement with MassDOT and private developers. The Central Artery Tunnel Project disposed of over 13 million tons of material at the 446 acre site, including 8 million tons that had to be stockpiled and tested before being accepted at the site. Prior to the material being delivered, McCourt constructed an Interstate off-ramp in under six weeks. This work was described by the Patriot Ledger as “the fastest off-ramp construction in federal highway history”. This ramp allowed for direct access to the site for the over 800 loads a day and minimized the impact on the local neighborhoods. Throughout the 4-year duration of the project the team faced logistical challenges in handling the volume of trucks and material being delivered seven days a week, including an extensive stormwater detention system, protecting thousands of acres of surrounding wetlands, and building a permanent truck wash off and containment center.

Project Overview
Owner: Quarry Hills Associates
Final Value: $143,000,000
Completion Date: Sept, 2007

Unique Project Features
• The largest brownfield project in New England history.
• 13 million tons of fill received and spread.
• Jobsite active 24/7 for 5 years (except for 8 hours on Sundays).
• Innovative project financing thru the Cities of Quincy, Milton, MassDOT, and private developers.
• Accelerated, design-build construction resulted in new I-93 offramp in 6 weeks.

Project Awards and Accolades
• Top Ten Best New Upscale Golf Course in the Country by Golf Digest
• 100 Greatest Golf Courses in America! by Golf Digest
• Patriot Ledger Front Page Headline 12/4/97: “X-Way Wonder: Ramp in 6-1/2 Weeks”

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