State Taps McCourt To Fill Quarry


The project will also allow the Highway Department to dispose of 825,000 tons of Big Dig dirt.

Quincy, Mass., July 12, 2000 – As reported in yesterday’s Patriot Ledger, the Massachusetts Highway Department has chosen McCourt Construction and the Quarry Hills Associates development team to create a new park at the site of Granite Rail Quarry in Quincy. The state will pay $16 per ton for disposal of Big Dig dirt. The payments will be split between McCourt Construction, Quarry Hills Associates, the City of Quincy, and the Metropolitan District Commission.

McCourt expects to begin draining the water-filled quarry by early August, and to begin dumping dirt in September. The project will create a park in the place of an dangerous swimming hole that has been the scene of several drowning deaths in recent years. The finished park will include 40- to 50-foot-high rock climbing walls, a grassy expanse atop the quarry cap, and a new parking lot.

About McCourt
McCourt Construction is a comprehensive general contractor that was founded in 1893. The company has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors, developing an expertise in infrastructure projects, real estate development, site work, landscaping, utilities, and finish work. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, McCourt has taken on projects from California to London, from Canada to the Caribbean.

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