McCourt Nominated For Nova Award

Companies teamed up to create new and innovate tunnel installation methods, saving time and money on Boston’s Big Dig.

Walbridge, Ohio., March 1, 2008 – McCourt Construction Company and Arva Industries have been jointly nominated for two NOVA Awards recognizing innovative construction practices on Boston’s Big Dig. Both nominations highlighted the design, development, and deployment of pioneering equipment utilized in the installation of tunnel finishes.

The NOVA Award is presented by the Construction Innovation Forum to recognize innovations that represent significant advances that have had improved quality and reduced cost in the construction industry. NOVA Awards have been awarded for advances in all areas of the construction industry, including innovations in the construction process, and in materials, design, detailing, fabrication, equipment, procurement, contract administration, management, labor relations, training, and safety that improve the construction process.

Excerpt from 2008 NOVA Award Nomination #16:
The AR60PH Panel Installer is a machine jointly designed and developed by Arva Industries Inc. and McCourt-Obayashi JV for the erection of massive ceiling modules during Boston’s $14-billion Central Artery/Tunnel project (Boston’s Big Dig). Each 12×40-ft ceiling module weights in at 30,000 lbs. and is comprised of five pre-cast concrete panels joined by structural steel supports. The modules serve as the tunnels ceiling finish as well as the air exhaust plenum.

(Arva was) approached by Paul E. Buco, project manager for McCourt-Obayashi JV, Boston with the need to finish over three miles of Interstate tunnel. There was nothing in the market to meet the needs of McCourt-Obayashi JV, but within two weeks of talking to Arva Industries Inc. officials they had a functional design and a finished product in nine months.

Excerpt from 2008 NOVA Award Nomination #27:
The AR1740 Giraffe Work Platform is a machine jointly designed and developed by Arva Industries Inc. and McCourt-Obayashi JV for Boston’s Big Dig Tunnel project. The machine was originally designed to eliminate the need for many scissor lifts on the job site that were creating an inefficient work environment and also to work in tandem with ARVA’s AR60PH Panel Erector. The work platform measuress 17’W x 40’L, rises 23’H, carries 20,000 lbs. including 10workers, rotates 360 degrees, has hydraulically operated telescopic stair case and all required power supplies for workers tools (electric, pneumatic, etc.)

About McCourt
McCourt Construction is a comprehensive general contractor that was founded in 1893. The company has worked extensively in both the public and private sectors, developing an expertise in infrastructure projects, real estate development, site work, landscaping, utilities, and finish work. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, McCourt has taken on projects from California to London, from Canada to the Caribbean.

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